ShiPlay WhitePaper


โ˜‘ Smart Contract Deployment
โ˜‘ Partnerships with Game developers
โ˜‘ Anti-Dump Security Measures
โ˜‘ Website Launch
โ˜‘ Release Whitepaper
โ˜‘ NFT Preview
โ˜‘ Lunch Demo of the GAMEPLAY
โ˜‘ Web3 Integration
โ˜‘ Free AirDrop Devolepment
โ˜‘ Establish Mod & Admins Team
โ˜‘ Build out Social Medias
โ˜‘ Build Social media management team
โ˜‘ Presale and launch date announced
โ˜‘ Marketing push to spread awareness
โ˜‘ Whitelist Contest for Presale
โ˜‘ KYC And Audit
Coinscope | Today's best
โ˜ $SPLAY Presale
โ˜ Voice Integration in-game
โ˜ MULTIPLAYER Integration in-game
โ˜ Chat Integration in-game
โ˜ The release version of the game


โ˜ Translation of the web to other languages
โ˜ CoinMarketCap Listing
โ˜ Coingecko Listing
โ˜ Listing
โ˜ Coinbase Listing
โ˜ Listing
โ˜ Strategic Marketing Campaign
โ˜ Shiba Big Page Promotions


โ˜ Merch Store
โ˜ NFT Airdrop to Holders
โ˜ NFT Public Sale
โ˜ Team Expansion
โ˜ Certik & Dessert Finance Audit
โ˜ Exchange Listing
โ˜ Partnerships with VR / AR developers


โ˜ PartnerShip with NXISE.COM company marketplace.
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