ShiPlay WhitePaper

Incentive Games

Exclusive only to $SPLY holders
You can explore new worlds with Shiba and inherit blockchain NFTS into your Shiba, you can trade and exchange NFTS directly from the game and communicate with Shiba’s in the Selling Block for exchanging NFTS registered on your keys.
Even more, we are going to add 10 NEW worlds into the Shiba metaverse because that’s exactly what we will be developing – a metaverse. Our game will be exclusively on Binance because we want to attract the one crypto currency that has been more sought out then the rest. Ether is just too expensive. BNB is the most actively used LEVEL 1 crypto currency blockchain around the world than any other right now.
We firmly believe that 3D NFTS are the future. That’s why in Shiplay we will introduce the first ever Shiba NFT Mystery Finder. We will introduce free NFTS for the first players which will be limited and can be resolve in the metaverse. As demand kicks in we will introduce NFT KEYS.
NFT KEYS will be our way to reward our holders with free keys to new worlds. You can enter our exclusive Castle with games and purchase exclusive NFTS with limited edition keys that give you access to the buildings. The keys are registered on your blockchain and like normal NFTS they can be sold and reused. NFT Keys is a way to monetize exclusive land rights and ownership. It designed to work with the evolution of blockchain and the metaverse. As the development increases towards technological improvements, we will add augmented reality into our project allowing shiplay owners to integrate their NFTS and social platform experience into everyday experiences.
We want to make Shiplay a free and easy to use platform for people around the world to enjoy playing metaverse games without the need to dash out on expensive games which are unaffordable and exclusive to big tech firms. The next winners in the metaverse won’t be big tech firms, it will be small unknown firms that have worked on blockchain technologies for years and are TRULLY decentralised. No big tech firm will use decentralised technology because it simply won’t make them big money they are hoping for. To be competitive they need to understand that blockchain has to be decentralised and protect people’s privacy.